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A roadmap to personalise your big day & make it worth remembering


South Indian weddings are elaborate and colourful. It is a blend of both celebration and elegance. Rituals like Nishchitartham, Lagnam, Kashi Yatra, Kanyadaanam and other ceremonies call for different kinds attire combined with a variety of food, music and fun. These rituals are unique in their own way.

In olden times, traditional wedding was very basic and simple. A small mandapa was set up with flower decoration, mainly marigold accompanied by nadaswaram. But in modern times, South Indian weddings have evolved. However, there is a common thread between the weddings then and now; it lies in how unique and fascinating each one is.

Nowadays, couples put in all their time and effort to personalise their wedding. They hire professionals and make all possibilities to make their D-day memorable. From deciding the wedding themes to creating beautiful stories for social media presentation, these professionals work hard to create magic.

While all that is fine, it is important to pause and ensure that all the prerequisites for your perfect big day are in place. What are they? Make sure you check off all the boxes and be in complete control of your special day.

Do Not Lose Your Cool; Keep Calm

We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, but the first and foremost thing is to keep yourself calm throughout the preparations leading upto the big day. For a bride or a groom, stress can be both physical and mental. Focusing too much on minute details is not a solution, so let go. There will be situations when things go haywire, but hang on. Things will align automatically. Stay calm!

Customise Your Invitation

Moving forward, invitation is an integral part of a wedding. Young couples are very enthusiastic about customising their invitation cards which narrates their story; this is the recent trend. An interesting invitation card makes your guests hooked to and curious to be at your wedding. This gives your big day a beautiful start and creates a buzz around it.

Choose Clothes that Narrate Your Story

Today, the wedding trousseau is not limited by any means. Couples can coordinate and twine in matching shades for the pre-wedding bash and follow it up with matching shades for the wedding too. South Indian brides with their kanjivaram pattu sarees, temple jewellary and jadas look absolutely divine. The grooms on the other hand, level up with them in their pattu vastra, silk dhotis and angavastram. Clothes play a vital role and not just make you stand out, but reveals a lot about your personality.

Pick A Venue Which is Also Your Happy Place

A good location plays an important role in making your wedding a memorable celebration for you as well as for the guests. If you want a lavish South Indian-style wedding, you could consider destination weddings at exotic locations, in India or abroad. You could pick from Mahabalipuram in Chennai, the backwaters of Kerala, Hampi temples in Karnataka, or foreign locations that suit your budget.

Plan Your Wedding Decor/Theme Well in Time

Your wedding invite can offer a sneak peak into the actual wedding decor or the theme. Make sure that the wedding decor aligns with your theme. You can make place for photo walls and display memorable moments with your guests. In fact, some kind of tribute can also be paid for those who missed the big day. This way everyone who walks in feels involved.

Add a Twist To Your Menu

South Indian weddings have a purely vegetarian menu and a lot of emphasis is given to rice, spices and lentils. The guests are served on a banana leaf. You can keep this unique menu and style intact and add other items in the menu that will give your wedding a good blend of traditional and modern times. Moreover, people of all ages can also enjoy the food.

Tips to Make Your Wedding a Memorable One

Here are some more tips to make your wedding a truly memorable one. They are:

  • Do not forget to involve your guests. You must include some fun activities or games for your relatives, guests and friends so they can enjoy themselves together and always remember some good moments from your wedding.
  • Do not skip rituals to make your wedding too modern. You must look at everyone attending your wedding, which includes older people too. You should know they enjoy performing rituals. So for a South Indian wedding, you should always consider performing them, but maybe giving it a stylish twist.
  • Do not forget to give return gifts to your guests. If possible, add a small thank you card with the couple’s initials printed on it that say “Thank you for joining us” or anything that adds a personal touch to it. This will make your guests feel loved and taken care of.

Final Thoughts

Be organised to stay on top of things. If you want zero fuss on your big day, make a checklist and keep checking the boxes off as you complete.Focus on the things that truly matter and that includes among other things, your happiness too. Do not forget that weddings are ceremonies to celebrate the love of two people who take vows to hold on each other for a lifetime, surrounded by friends and families. And this special day deserves every care and attention possible. For all your wedding needs, visit Wedding and Beyond; You don’t want anything missing, do you.

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