The final week before the wedding; your Big Day is just around the corner! Your mind must be consumed with one happy thought, “Same day, next week, we will be happily married! Yes, of course! But before that, some important things must be taken care of.

Why Is the Week Prior to Your Wedding Important?

After months and weeks of waiting with excitement, the countdown to D-Day begins with the final week because it is the most crucial time. With your adrenaline pumping and guests slowly trickling in, you may overlook many minute details when you are caught up in a whirlwind of preparations. Besides, you will look back on this time after getting married and wonder if there are things you wish you had done differently.

So, to ensure that everything happens without a hitch, here is a list of things to do just a week before your grand day.

Getting Ready For Your Wedding: Your To-Do List

1. Create a checklist for the Big Day

Making a checklist is the first thing on our checklist! This checklist should have details like:

  • Important tasks to do before, during, and after the wedding.
  • Post-wedding requirements.
  • Payments for vendors.
  • Payment for the marriage hall.

2. Keep tabs on the timeline

An organised timeline can help you stay on track throughout your wedding day. Take a look at the day’s itinerary and make any necessary changes to accommodate any last-minute changes in plans. A quick tip: Ask an elderly family member to keep track of the timeline. They will be more than happy to do it for you to alleviate unnecessary stress.

3. Stay in touch with your vendors

Now is the time to call all your vendors- your event planner, florist, makeup artist, photographer, caterer, mehandi artists, and everyone you have booked for the wedding. Keep in touch with every single person on the list. Discuss the details and ensure that their responsibilities are well-aligned with your plans.

4. Try out your wedding look

Who doesn’t love a dress rehearsal? It’s a good idea to try out your wedding attire now that the wedding is only a week away. Call up your family members for your mini dress rehearsal. It will keep them entertained and enthralled, and you will receive valuable input to upgrade your look. Also, you can check if everything fits well or hand it back to your tailor for some last-minute alterations. Do not forget to try on your accessories, shoes, jewellery, and even the hairdo!

5. Get a break from work

The final week is when you draft that mail to your office asking for a long leave of absence for your wedding. It is essential to take a break from work during this last week because:

  • It’s your wedding, and you deserve time off from work!
  • You can focus on everything that needs to be done.
  • You can ensure you are well-prepared for the big day.
  • Gain some much-needed physical and mental rest.
  • Enjoy the company of friends and family.

6. Spend time with your family

Weddings stir up a lot of emotions. No matter how busy everyone is, there is an emotional stir in everyone’s minds. Nothing will be more relaxing for your family than spending a few days with you before your big day. Take photos, and videos, play an antakshari, or watch movies together! Take advantage of this time and make as many memories as possible with them!

7. Stay hydrated and well-fed

Don’t forget to replenish your body with enough water. You don’t want to look tired and dehydrated at your wedding, do you? Hydration is crucial because you’ll be moving back and forth and going to different places for last-minute work. Also, it is equally important to eat properly, because, believe us, you will need a lot of energy once the wedding rituals begin! So, quit going on sudden diets and eat healthy, homemade food.

8. Just enjoy yourself

You might ride a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts the week before your wedding. But just make sure you enjoy yourself thoroughly because these are the days you will remember for the rest of your life. You will have many people to meet and many tasks to get done. However, at the end of the day, all that matters is how you enjoy yourself and soak in the life-changing moments.

9. Keep an eye on the weather

You don’t want the weather to play spoilsport to all these months of planning. So, tracking the weather and making necessary changes is wise if the forecast isn’t what you want it to be.

What NOT To Do Before Your Wedding

If there’s a list of “dos”, there will also be a list of “donts”. Here’s a compilation of things you should avoid doing in that final week.

  • DO NOT: Get too nervous

This last week can be extra stressful, but don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Do not get entangled in heated debates or disagreements with your friends, family, and, most importantly, your fiancé. Keep your stress in check and avoid unnecessary tensions. Don’t let volatile situations ruin the event. Snuff them out before they turn ugly.

  • DO NOT: Lose your sleep

You need your beauty sleep now more than ever. You don’t want to ruin your look with puffy, dark circles around your eyes, do you? Make it a point to sleep on time because you may not be so lucky during and after your wedding. So, get some restful snooze, no matter what happens.

  • DO NOT: Try something new

Tempted to try out a new cosmetic, skin product, haircut, or diet? STOP. Do not give in to these temptations, for it can end in unwanted skin reactions or an upset stomach. Save your new haircut for after your wedding. You surely don’t want to spoil your wedding hairdo by experimenting with new styles at the last moment.

  • DO NOT: Have last-minute outfit trials

Your wedding outfit should be ready at least 7 days before D-Day, including all alterations and upgrades. Last-minute alterations to your lehenga, choli, or tuxedo will only add to your tension.

The Takeaway

We hope this checklist will come in handy for your last-minute preparations. A wedding is a big event, and last-minute changes are bound to happen. And that’s okay! Make each moment count and make your wedding an unforgettable moment for yourself and your family! Visit Wedding and Beyond for all your wedding needs in one place to avoid last minute rush and panic.