When you think of your own wedding, the first thing that comes to your mind is to look the best. Choosing what outfit to wear on the big day or which colour to pick can be a daunting task. If you are the bride or groom-to-be, there are many factors to consider when deciding on your perfect outfit.

South Indian brides prefer to wear brightly coloured Kanjivaram silk/pattu sarees for their wedding and other related events. These sarees are rich in terms of colour, just like their culture and tradition. Once you decide your outfit for your special day, the next major concern is the colour of the outfit. Colour plays an important role as they can make you stand out. Now the question that comes up in the minds of most brides is–”which colour suits me most?”” Which colour will make me stand out? “

So, here we are with a colour palette and a guide to help you make the right decision while picking the best colour for your outfit and make heads turn on your special day.

Day Wedding: What Are the Best Colour Options for the Bridal Attire?

Day weddings have their own charm and most south Indian weddings happen during the day or rather early in the morning. Are there specific colours that go well with this time of the day? The answer is yes! Let us take a look at some of best options for your day-time wedding.

Pink and Gold

Whenever a day wedding comes to mind, the color pink or different shades of pink is what most brides tend to lean towards.. The combination of pink & gold is the most loved combination for the day wedding. You can team up your pink silk saree with a heavily embroidered blouse to make it look more attractive. The pink & gold saree can be paired with any jewellery like diamonds, gold or pearls that will complete your bridal look.

Sunkissed Yellow

The different rituals in a wedding ceremony call for different colours. Today, weddings are no more restricted to a single tradition/culture. There is a mix of rituals from across India. There fore, it has become common to have Haldi, Sangeeth and Mehendi ceremonies even in south Indian weddings today. If we talk about the haldi ceremony of a bride, it’s normal that the bride opts for a yellow colored outfit, but few of them make a style statement by opting for this colour even for their day wedding. The colour not only makes the bride glow but also speaks about the fashion statement of the daring bride.

Maroon and Gold

Choosing a maroon and gold saree can never go wrong. It is an ideal choice for many brides for their day wedding. The darker shade of maroon looks subtle, while the self-designing golden border adds a twist to the bride’s look. It blends well with traditional temple jewellery; a good hair-do of jasmine flowers will help complete the look.

Night Wedding: What Are the Best Colour Options for the Bridal Attire?

Though most south Indian weddings happen during the day, there are some that happen towards evening and go on into the night. And obviously, colour choices will vary depending on the time of the day, isn’t it? To get you started, we have curated a list of colour options that go well if your special moment is late in the evening/night. These include:

Vibrant Crimson Red

Crimson Red has been used in the bride’s outfit for centuries as the first and safest choice for a bride. Any bride can look beautiful in red as the colour itself has the magnetic power to attract. So if the bride chooses an all red outfit for her D-day, her charm will be hard to resist.

Stunning Gold

You can pair up your simple gold saree with a heavily embroidered blouse of bright colour to give it a grand look. This colour has the property of radiating light, which creates a different aura altogether. So if you think gold can make you look too loud along with gold jewellery, you must try a minimal look with a golden outfit for your night wedding. You may also consider other variants of gold, like rose gold, which can make you stand out.

Elegant Dark Green

If you want to create a style statement, you can pick a dark green colour outfit for a night wedding or your big day. This colour has a high style quotient and makes you look classy. Brides have been seen picking this colour and leaving behind the reds or pinks which has been the bride’s favourite for years.

Alluring Navy Blue

Make a bold move by choosing navy blue for the night weddings. This colour is the best choice for winter weddings as well. Navy blue blends very well with any jewellery, be it gold, diamonds, pearls or rubies. It makes you look most gracious in every possible way. Thus, making itself an ideal choice for the evening.

Colour Choices For The Groom

Weddings have various rituals like haldi, sangeet, Nischitartham etc., which call for different outfits. With so many options for the bride, what about the grooms? The truth is, grooms tend to keep it very simple at their wedding. Their attire normally comprises of the pattu veshti/dhoti and and a plain silk stole/angavastram. The colour options for the groom are usually restricted to off-white, white and, gold, beige. For the reception though,, they can opt for the colours like turquoise blue, hues of yellow, pastel shades of pink or purple, or mint green or any other colour to twine with their wives and steal the limelight.


With so many colour options to choose from, the brides are literally spoilt for choices. Depending on which time of the day your muhurtham is scheduled you can take your pick and get ready to dazzle. Visit Wedding and Beyond for all your wedding needs under a single roof; choose your outfits and sparkle on the day of your wedding.